Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tutorial: Preparing Unmounted Red Rubber Stamps

I've received many questions about how to use unmounted red rubber stamps, like Hanna Stamps' Riley Moose stamps and High Hopes Rubber Stamps. You can apply EZ Mount to the back, use double sided tape, or use Alene's Tack it Over and Over. I use Alene's Tack it Over and Over. I just received some unmounted red rubber stamps from High Hopes Rubber Stamps and thought I would share how I prepare them.

This is how unmounted red rubber stamps usually come. Sometimes they are in a large sheet and sometimes individual stamps, but you usually always have to trim them. (You can click on all these photos for a larger image.)

Use scissors that are meant to trim rubber. I use SU's scissors, but I have heard great things about the Tim Holtz Tonic scissors, too. Trim around the edges of the stamps. Make sure you do not undercut the image because that can affect how well the image stamps.

Clean the back of the stamps. I just rub them on my stamp scrubber that has been sprayed with stamp cleaner. You just want to make sure the back is not dirty.

Then, I lay all the stamps face down on pieces of transparency. I use transparencies under the stamps just because I don't want to get glue on my work space if I happen to make a mess.

This is what the Alene's Tack it Over and Over looks like. You need this and a foam brush for the next step.

Add a little bit of Alene's Tack it Over and Over to the back and spread it out with the foam brush. You just need a thin layer to cover the back of the stamp. Let it dry. I usually just let mine dry overnight. When it is dry, it will be clear.

After it has dried, it will be very sticky. I stick the stamp to the palm of my hand and remove it. Repeat this a few times to make the back of the stamp not quite so sticky. You don't want it to be stuck down permanent, just tacky enough to stick to the block.

Now, you can use your unmounted red rubber stamps with your acrylic blocks. They stick to the block and are easily removed when you are done. I store my unmounted red rubber stamps in dvd tins. CD cases also work.
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Unknown said...

Great information Niki!! Thanks for the tips! :)

Jaime said...

That was SO helpful! I've used double-sided tape and it does work okay, but it can be a pain to get the tape off the acryllic block (where it usually ends up when it comes off the stamp) :-) I've heard of using Alene's Tack it Over and Over, but never the foam brush--that will make all the difference! Thanks!

Molly B said...

Great info. I was wondering about the tack it over and over stuff worked. Thanks for the tutorial. -Molly B

Lee said...

Very cool idea! I usually use tape, but this looks like it works longer!! Wonderful visuals with this tutorial too Niki!!! Thank you!!

Kimberly Crawford said...

Great tutorial! I am going to have to find some of that. I hate the EZ mount, it just completely ruins my scissors. THanks!!! :)

care-in said...

The pictures are a huge help! I was wondering if this leaves a sticky residue on the blocks. It has done that for me but I'm wondering if I just didn't let it dry long enough. And I never thought to do the hand trick.

Mary Jane said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It helps to have the visual. I usually use double sided tape. I may switch now. What surface do you stamp on with your UMs? Do you find that you need a little cushion under the paper?

Cindy Haffner said...

Hey Niki thanks for the info, must go get me some of that glue.

My brads on my card today are from SU. The big brad is from dollarama 9 brads for $1.00. Can you belive that, i love dollarama.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tutorial Niki!! I hope your daughter is doing better. Keep us up on her condition will ya?

Kristi said...

oh thank you for showing me this. I have had so many people ask me ....I did buy the wronge glue, so now I need to go back and get the correct one.