Sunday, June 22, 2008

iron on transfer info

I had quite a few questions about stamping and using iron on transfers on fabric on my towel set and on the set of t-shirts I made for my kids. Here is the info I posted on a previous post:

"Some tips for using stamps with iron ons:

I stamped the image on iron on transfer using Palette ink (since it works with fabric). I let them set over night to make sure the ink was dry and then lightly colored with copic markers. No blending because it will start to gum up the marker and the sticky on the iron on. (Make sure you clean your marker afterwards because it will have a little residue. Just scribble on scrap paper.) Then, iron it on."

I got my iron on transfers at a small, local craft store. The brand I used are Transfer Magic by Hanes. You can get iron on transfers at most craft stores and even at Walmart. They are the kind that you can run through your printer to make custom designs.

I first learned about this technique last month when Alli Miles posted about it on her blog. That link will take you to her original tutorial. Later, she answered some questions here.

I have not washed the t-shirts or towels I made yet, but Alli has lots of information on her blog post where she answered questions about everything from what to color with to washing.

Hope that helps and I would love to see what you make!! Have a great day!


Dana said...

Niki - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark transfer paper. It seems to "adhere" and stay better than the traditional. I did some Tshirts for our trip to Disney world and they're still looking good. :) Ones here: